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In 2026, the United States will honor and celebrate the 250th anniversary of American Independence. USA250 started working over a decade ago to raise awareness and build leadership for this once-in-a-generations milestone—and for Philadelphia once again to play a central role in the nation’s anniversary.

Planning for 2026 .

Over the years USA250 has been very successful in accomplishing the first part of our mission by expanding 250th leadership circles and spreading excitement about the opportunities of a milestone celebration for the country in 2026. Today USA250 is leading efforts with key partners to create an inspiring, national experience in Philadelphia and to provide inclusive legacies for the tri-state region and its residents. We trust our proactive, collaborative work will position Philadelphia and the region as the preeminent destination for all Americans in 2026. Our values:
- Collaborate, partner, and innovate with key stakeholders and experts to co-create exceptional national events, experiences, and programs in Philadelphia in 2026
- Commit to diversity, inclusiveness, and opportunity at all levels and activities of the organization

A Nation for the Next Generation .

Today’s 5th-graders will graduate high school in 2026 as the United States marks its 250th anniversary as the birthplace of modern democracy. It is our generation’s privilege and responsibility to honor the nation’s achievements, reflect upon our struggles, and chart a course for the next generation as America heads into the next 250 years.

Looking Back to Move Forward .

Philadelphia has played a major role in every milestone anniversary of this country, from 1776 to 1976. In particular, the Centennial International Exposition of 1876, brought together a fractured, post-Civil War nation and attracted 1 in 4 Americans at the time to the United States’ first official World’s Fair in West Fairmount Park in Philadelphia. The Centennial not only marked our 100th anniversary, but more broadly it engaged the world around the leading artistic, commercial, and agricultural advancements of that era. USA250 believes 2026 is once again an opportunity to invite, innovate, and inspire the nation and the world!